Are you in need of door installation, or door replacement?

5 Points Sash & Doors is your South Bay door retailer, specializing in sales of custom doors.

From the elegance of hand-crafted French sliding doors by Kolbe for your home to the practical strength of a steel door by Republic for your commercial property, we have a massive selection of custom doors from the most respected vendors in the country for you to choose from. Our professional and courteous staff makes the door selection and door installation process a breeze for you – tidy, timely, and guaranteed – with most door installations taking only one day, from start to finish.

Are you having trouble deciding what type of door is right for your commercial or residential property? Not a problem for our door and window experts who will guide you through the process and help you make the door choice that perfectly fits your needs.

Exterior Doors

When choosing exterior doors, consider the following:

  • Aesthetically pleasing exterior doors add beauty and value to your residential property and can make your commercial property more inviting to potential customers.
  • Exterior doors need to be sturdy for added security.
  • Exterior doors should also be weatherproof doors, and they should be painted and stained accordingly.
  • Properly installed exterior doors offer greater energy savings.
  • Storefront windows and door application, including special access hardware, increase your store’s curb-appeal and protects your valuable assets.
  • Fire-rated doors provide increased safety and comply with city and municipal codes.

Whether it’s a new door installation for the front of your home or a replacement door for your patio, we have the exterior door for you:

Wood Doors – Vinyl Doors – Aluminum Doors – Fiberglass Doors – Sliding Doors – Patio Doors – Security Doors – Double Doors – French Doors – French-Style Sliding Doors – French Doors, In-Swing – French Doors, Out-Swing Custom Doors – Glass Storefront Doors

Interior Doors

Interior doors do much more than simply separate one room from another – interior doors allow you to express yourself and add great beauty and style to the inside of your home. Since security and weatherproofing are not an issue for your interior doors, you can focus on their cosmetic appeal and the practical realities of how these home doors will be used.

Gliding Doors: equipped with rollers, gliding doors do just that – they glide back and forth on a smooth track. French Doors are popular versions of Gliding Doors.

Swinging Doors: the classic swinging door, mounted to your door frame with hinges. We offer a myriad of swinging door styles to meet your every interior decorating need.

Pocket Doors: for small spaces, pocket doors might just be your solution – sliding on overhead rails, pocket doors roll into the wall when you open them.

Utility Doors: doors with a special purpose, utility doors include room dividing doors, cabinet doors, closet doors and glass shower doors.

Our interior doors are available in a variety of materials and styles:

Molded Panel Doors – Solid Wood Doors, for paint or stain – Hollow or Solid Core Doors – Standard or Custom sized Doors – Large Variety of Glass Doors – Folding Doors – Bypass Doors – Mirror Doors – Shower Doors – Security Doors

*All doors include door locks, door knobs and door hardware.