We LOVE our customers, and they LOVE us!

“From a Customer Service standpoint, AARON has excellent communication and follow through without any high-pressure sales tactics often found within the industry. He’s very patient and when you make an appointment, goes over your options and pricing and lays it all out.

There’s none of this “if you order today, I can give you X% off but if you don’t make a decision now, the price goes up by X$” tactics (which I did experience from Renew By Anderson’s sales team which was a bit off-setting in a used car salesman heavy handed high pressure style/approach).  AARON gives you a price and he’ll honor it so long as his overhead doesn’t change (obviously you can’t hold a quote too long where wages to his employees goes up as possibly cost of materials too).  He lets you think and consider his services without any pressure to make a decision.  He’s a very polite and nice professional person.

I have odd sized windows of various shapes (arches and circles) and he explains all of the options including what/where are mandatory uses “tempered glass” for safety reasons that adhere to building codes.

I ended up not using 5 Points Sash & Doors… YET! (I’ve not chosen anyone for that matter)  But when I’m ready to do a renovation with window changes, I’ll be sure to call up AARON and 5 Points Sash & Doors to see if the pricing has changed and reconsider doing the work.

As an FYI – Aaron and 5 Points Sash & Doors had nothing to do with my decision to not go through with the work, it was a personal and financial decision I made to put it off, and I’m giving them * * * * * FIVE STARS based upon my experiences for the at home appointment for an estimate and AARON’s communication and professionalism through the process and follow-up/through too.”